E-Commerce Search

Search is one of the most critical aspects in perfecting online executions. Statistics confirm that in certain commerce sites, as high as 60% of sales are driven through search. If you are not present when the consumer comes looking for your product, you have pretty much lost most of your business.

Search is also a hotly contested area with every brand worth its dime fighting it out to drive presence and visibility. Most people do not go beyond the first page of search results and thus it becomes necessary to ensure that your capture a decent position in this range.

SEO on ecommerce platforms varies from one retailer to another and is largely controlled by individual algorithms. There are however a few factors which are retailer agnostic and drive search visibility

  1. Content quality, relevance and completeness
  2. Popularity of your product often defined by actual sales or visits
  3. The positive ratings that your product may have received
  4. The ability to target and drive traffic to your product from your own media

Apart from these factors retailers often manipulate the relevance of a particular product to promote them based on sales/business driven decisions.

Thus it is both a science and an art to drive better visibility on search. This is also an on-going activity that requires close monitoring typically across 100s of keywords. Humanly that is tough. That is where PIMerce can differentiate and provide statistics on search performance with pin point accuracy. Our powerful stark engine analyzes millions of records of search data to provide clear KPIs on search performance. Coupled with other insights around content, ratings, it will be a game changer in measuring and optimizing search performance online.

In PIMerce, we effectively manage and monitor search patterns, change in search trends and have clear KPIs around share of search to define and provide you with the insights that is needed to drive SEO. Specific keywords are targeted and the technology allows measurement of performance against every keyword and provide drill down intuitive reports.