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In our endeavor to help brands with their e-commerce business we built PIMerce. With business enablement at the core of what the tool offers, its built for robustness with a rock-solid technology foundation. We laid down a few principles as we set to build the solution –

Scalable – Scale to capture millions of data sets every day

Performance at core – Architected to ensure smooth end user performance and capture of data

Secure by design – Deploy a multi-layered secure architecture to ensure data remains safe.

Business continuity – Redundancies and resilience to ensure disruptions do not occur

Robotic Data Processing

Our distributed and highly scaled data capturing engine accumulates large data sets across ecommerce websites and mobile apps. Data points are fine-grained to the level of individual post codes. Our systems automatically keep track of website changes and adapt quickly to ensure continuity in accumulation. Scalability has been built in to process multiple data points in parallel.

Data gathered is aggregated in large dedicated data lakes that is optimized for performance, speed and security.


Our analysis engine specifically designed to identify key metrics crunching through millions of rows of data to churn out useful reports through proprietary algorithms. Apart from providing a variety of out of the box reports, we understand business needs to often build out custom reports. Our visualization engines offer the ability to build custom reports off raw data in a form that business needs.

We follow an open data architecture allowing export of key data sets as APIs for consumption.

Machine learning tools and models that are integrated into our solution, provide automated and insightful recommendations on key KPIs.

Alerting Engine

The swift speed at which decisions need to be made in e-commerce necessitates information availability always. Our alerting engines take care of this job to ensure information deemed critical by the business is automatically sent over multiple channels to alert key stakeholders to action.