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Retail Analytics –

Selling online but still wondering how to analyse business trends, patterns, and compare the performance in the retail industry?

Pimerce’s retail analytics will help make better choices, run businesses more efficiently, and deliver improved customer service.

We monitor retailers routinely for search performance, pricing variations, inventory levels and consumer demands  that are crucial for procurement decisions and planning marketing.

We segregate the SKU based on most selling items and most revenue generating and optimise inventory management to emphasise products customers need, reducing wasted space and associated overhead costs.

Brand Analytics –

Where does my brand stand? What is my overall market share? What is my brands share of voice? Is my brand visible to target customers?

Pimerce brand analytics will help you understand who your customers are, what exactly they are looking for. Is it you or your competitor who is being preferred when customer is buying something.

We also empower you to compare your own performance across platforms and channels. We understand that brand visibility is crucial when customer searches for something and we monitor it on daily basis. We also monitor and measure the impact of your advertisement and marketing efforts.

The Price parity is important factor to drive sales. A timely and well planned, price and promotion strategy will push you up in the competing charts. We track it closely for your brand as well as for competitors.

We will keep you timely informed about your share of digital shelf and share of voice on the shelf. So that you can well evaluate the proportions of result vs efforts.

Competitors Analysis –

Selling through multiple channels and retailers. Overwhelmed with much competition at market place across categories. Multiple brands competing hard to sell. Where you stand in competition? How to win digital shelf?

Studies show that global Ecommerce retail saleswill reach a new high by 2021 and will hit $4.9 trillion market. The competition will be intense than ever and it will be extremely pivotal to keep a tab on competitors strategy to outdistance them and lead the digital shelf.

No doubt, it is very significant for a brand to be agile, adaptive and innovative to win but at the same time keeping your strategy in sync with competitors is the need of the hour.

A precise competitor analysis enables you to capitalise on opportunities and exploit competitor’s weaknesses. It let you learn from competitor’s strengths. You gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape to aid brand positioning. You become well aware of your competition be it their pricing and promotion strategy or their overall search performance, to suitably place you. These crucial insights about competitors will prepare you for future challenges from them.

Pimerce competitive intelligence encompasses all these aspects.

Sentiment Analysis –

How is my brand perceived? What do my customers think about my products? Will they suggest others to buy my products?

When customers engage with your brand in writing reviews for a product, they always have an underlying emotion whether they praise or complain about your product. With sentiment analysis, Pimerce captures this subjective information to understand your customers emotions which is beyond classifying the feedback to just positive or negative.

It is most important to know why do they feel, what they feel.  And how to improve, to get those emotions converted into positive and keeping happy customers.