Search Analytics

Detailed search analytics to maximize organic visibility and optimize paid investments


The number of users that do not go beyond the first page of search results


The amount of sales driven via search on retailer platforms as a global average.


The growth a seller can see by improving search rankings by about 10 spots


Consumers using search more likely to buy representing a high intent audience.

Detailed E-commerce search analytics

PIMerce e-commerce search analytics is a very comprehensive suite of tools that provide state of the art e-commerce search insights. Data can be had in various cuts and at a micro level down a postcode to validate performance on search across retailers. Our insights are very advanced and lead into decision making in SEO and improving the overall health of your digital shelf.

Organic search optimization

Retailer platform search algorithms vary significantly. There are however few key commonalities such as good content that drives search optimization, popularity of the product, adequate stocks etc. Winning organic search positions is key to growing sales on e-commerce.

Paid Search Analysis

Brands invest to gain competitive advantage on search. Given limited shelf space, the combination of organic + paid search needs to be maximized for prime visibility. Our analytical tools can help provide the best insights on paid as well as organic to optimize every SKU and keyword for performance.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding competition performance strategies, is critical to shape a comprehensive search approach. Leverage e-commerce competitive intelligence to learn and drive positioning of products and gain shares. Our experts can provide customized services to drive growth.

Consolidated Metrics

Search is one of the most complex KPIs to master. We distill this complexity to easily manageable metrics to drive reporting as well as performance insights that lead to SKU and keyword level tuning. Share of search is a key metric that we provide baked in with industry best practices.