Unlock growth through our strategic solutions

Our data-driven solutions are your key to unlocking untapped growth opportunities. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies, we empower your organization to make informed decisions that drive business expansion.

Digital Shelf Analytics

Provides data insights and recommendations on key metrics that influence sales across search, content, inventory, price, promotions, assortment, media

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Pricing and Assortment intelligence

Competitive pricing and assortment intelligence to identify pricing and assortment optimization opportunities

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Market Share

Market share (select retailers) and category growth estimates for categories.

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Super insightful solutions to deliver insights not just data

Our cutting-edge tool boasts an intuitive and insightful data analytics platform paired with a user interface that simplifies complex data analysis and answers the "so-what". Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it empowers users of all levels to effortlessly harness the power of data. Dive deep into your data, uncover hidden patterns, and extract meaningful insights with ease.

Technology that delivers a flawless experience

Our solutions have a robust technology backbone, a highly scalable architecture that is built to operate at global scale.

Speed and Accuracy

Our solutions are backed by superior technology delivering unmatched speed and accuracy

Focus on insights over dashboards

We deliver insights and not just plain old boring dashboards.

Fully homegrown

Our technology if fully homegrown and we do not rely on third parties like some of our competitors. This gives us strong control on outcomes.

Personalized support

Our solutions are backed with a strong support and professional services mechanism that helps you drive adoption and improve usage of our capabilities to drive growth.

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