Digital Analytics that tells you what actions to take

We simplify the art of managing the digital shelf with prescriptive analytics. Our solution has demonstrated higher adoption among commerce teams with excellent execution results.​


Most digital shelf solutions are caught in the data dashboards paradigm. We differentiate with insights that drive next best action. When you deploy our solution, its not just a software solution, but a full e-commerce knowledge system that you leverage.​


​Our granularity is unparalleled with ability to provide insights across different retail formats across marketplaces,, quick commerce. Delivery of actions at multiple hierarchy levels all the way from retailer down to SKU levels.


Accuracy of accumulated data is a hallmark of our product. While a lot of pulled off APIs in addition to crawling, we are able to provide verifiable screenshots of every piece of harvested information be it web or mobile.


Our system can recommend the best strategy to win across both organic and paid search.​


Get super insightful granular insights on how to improve your content on-shelf​


Accurate post-level inventory stats that we supplied has helped brands improve on-shelf availability to 90%+.​


Our algorithms auto identify your products and competitor products for pricing violations and competitive insights.​


Interdum iusto pulvinar consequuntur augue optio repellat fuga. Purus expedita fusce temporibus.


Get crisp sentiments of users that saves you the effort of sifting through 1000s of reviews and focus on feedback that matters.​

Retail Media

Gather competitive insights on share of voice, banner advertising. Monitor execution across retail platforms. Drive up your ROAS. ​

Buy box

Track buy box sellers, pricing across your entire assortment on amazon.​

2 TB+

Data Harvested




Insights delivered

Unlock growth drivers 

Gain key visibility and AI driven insights to your digital shelf across a range of key metrics. Our solution provides actionable insights with specific inputs on what will move the needle on growth. Get intelligence on performance and be able to review everything in one place – search, content, ads, inventory etc.

Gain an unfair competitive advantage

Across all key parameters of visibility, conversion on e-commerce gain superior intelligence on own v competition performance. Leverage our insights and create tactics to gain competitive advantage. Make investment decisions to maximize ROI on factors that will really drive growth and profitability.

Proven Results​

Demonstrated results from existing clientele across different areas of digital shelf​

Search Improvement


Content Improvement

Overall sales