Content analytics and optimization

Qualitative and quantitative insights to optimize and digital shelf content

Brand Positioning

Digital content on e-commerce platforms is an extension of your physical shelf and are super important brand building destinations. Representation of your products via the right images and videos, enhanced content, ensuring right tile and adequate descriptions of the product on product details page is extremely important as product details pages are brand owned media assets.

Most companies fail to realize this as e-commerce is still growing and inadequate management of shelf, often results in poor brand positioning which affects overall market share for a brand in the long run.

The Traffic and Conversion Factor

Great content highly influences traffic and conversion on e-commerce platforms. E-commerce search engines index the content in titles, descriptions look at other parameters such as reviews/imagery to position your product for relevant key terms. Once the audience is at your product details, its the magic that content needs to weave in order to convert this into a sale.

Qualitative Analytics

We have developed a unique system that combines image recognition and various AI algorithms to give a qualitative analysis of on-shelf imagery. Our content analytics engine is also fully integrated into our PIM and not just allows measurement but automated correction of on-shelf content.

Qualitative analysis is extended further into textual elements of content where we apply natural language processing to identify best patterns and fitment to content.

Quantitative Analysis

From a basic hygiene standpoint, quantity if very important. Several retailer search algorithms work on a basic quantitative analysis of content to enable search rankings. Quantitative analytics also provides basic ingredients for the product details page to ensure sufficient information is packed in for the shopper to make buying decisions.